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RV Storage: Outdoor vs. Indoor

Choosing the right storage option for your RV is an important one for prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle. Storing it in a heated concrete facility is obviously the best choice, but why specifically is it better than storing it outdoors? What does a winter outside expose your RV to? Let's start out with the most basic self storage option: outdoor, gravel on the ground and no cover.

There are the obvious problems here, and the not so obvious problems. First, a gravel lot will expose your undercarriage to moisture that a concrete one will not. This can cause rust to form, which will damage your rig pretty quickly. The weight of a winters worth of snow will push down on the roof which could lead to bowing. This added weight could contribute to the tires getting a flat spot. All plastic components will be much more susceptible to cracking due to the temperature fluctuations. There is also a higher chance of vandalism even with all the security options possible. This is the least ideal of situations.

An outdoor steel building with a roof and a concrete floor is a step up. These are typically open on at least one side, sometimes more, and are not heated. The benefit is that they keep snow from accumulating on the roof and they keep excess moisture from creating rust on the undercarriage. This is definitely a step above your driveway and a great way to clear up space around your home for the busy holiday season in the winter.

An indoor heated facility is your most ideal situation. Your RV will avoid the fluctuations in temperature, the cold that causes damage, and be safe from vandals and random acts of nature. Depending on the situation you will be able to come by and work on your RV in the comfort of a warm facility and you’ll have the peace of mind that an enclosed building brings.

James Snow Parkway Self-Storage offers secure, affordable year-round RV trailer storage to the Milton, Acton, Richmond Hill and Coldwater areas. With our 24-hour security and access, as well as year-round maintenance, you can rest assured your recreational vehicle will be in good hands and easily accessible whenever you need them.

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