Indoor Storage

Climate Controlled Units

Protect your valued items with our state of the art, climate controlled units. With heated cement floors in the winter protecting your precious goods from damage, this is your best bet when storing electronics, high-end furniture, cars, etc.

Price List

5x5: $75 plus HST

5x10: $125 plus HST

5x15: $150 plus HST

10x10: $175 plus HST

10x15: $200 plus HST

10x20: $250 plus HST

10x25: $275 plus HST

Non-Climate Controlled Units

We offer non-climate control in garage style units as well as sea-container style units, both providing great options for storing extra household clutter such as furniture, boxes, kids toys, etc.

Price List

5x10: $100 plus HST

8x10 (Sea Container): $129 plus HST

10x10: $150 plus HST

10x15: $185 plus HST

10x20: $200 plus HST

10x25: $250 plus HST

10x30: $310 plus HST

10x40: $400 plus HST